If you are new to Rose of Kingdoms, it is essential to know that it is a mobile strategy game set in a fantasy world. It runs in real-time, and it is a multiplayer game. It has both adventure and strategy modes. Players can choose one out of eleven various civilizations to lead. Players can also select the playing style, which suits them the best. Some players focus on exploration while others focus on conquering and war. It is one of the most downloaded games since it first launched in 2018. You can even play RoK on PC. The Rise of Kingdoms guide given below will help you get started.

The first choice for the players is civilization, which is a determining factor for the rest of the game. It is with a civilization that a player can begin with the Rise of Kingdoms guide. Players can select a civilization that matches the general style of play and enjoy strategy titles. There are different types of civilization for every player, from a land discoverer, a quiet farmer, to a fierce fighter. You can also change civilizations during the game. There are different types of bonuses in every civilization.

Players can even create multiple accounts to provide the reigning account with resources and progress in the game. It is best to create several farming accounts to collect resources and transfer them to the main account through the alliance. The best rise of kingdoms guides will be to complete quests, bringing a lot of money, and attacking the barbarians, which will help players test the military formation and gain experience quickly. Joining an alliance is the best solution to get bonus resources, troops, and help. It is best not to make your own alliance as it needs lots of work and time. It is essential to improve the alliance center, and it will help players receive resources from the alliance.

It is best to focus on resource harvesting as a beginner, which is the easiest way to get resources. Resources are essential for finding technologies to grow the city or upgrading city buildings to progress in the game. Farming resources in alliance territory increases the harvest speed by 25%. It is best to log in daily and complete goals. The essential focus should be the city hall when you play in Rise of Kingdoms. Raising its level takes your entire civilization to the next level. And you need good commanders to help in the battleground. The Rise of Kingdoms guides will help you get started with the game.


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