Dating is practiced by most western courtiers. It is a stage in a romantic relationship where two people meet socially. The purpose of the meet is to each assess the other’s suitability towards a prospective partner in the future. Real-life dating is now replaced by online dating, which has become immensely popular worldwide. Online dating has provided a much better approach to dating. It is convenient and accessible for everyone. It eliminates the embarrassing set up by friends and families or the first awkward meet-up.

Despite the convenient online approach, some people still find it difficult and rather intimidating to meet new people. Disabled people or those suffering from mental illness dating still can’t reach out to new people or often get rejected because of their disabled nature or illness. The world of online dating has offered a more inclusive approach by introducing disability dating sites. Such sites operate similarly to other dating sites. However, the twist here is that people with disabled or mental illnesses can meet other people with similar experiences. It is a great approach to feel comfortable among like-minded and similar experienced people and build relationships.

The launch of online dating sites has indeed helped disabled and mentally ill people to meet new people. It has eliminated the intimidating first meet-up or the need to wade around crowded bars, which can be uncomfortable. However, dating has always been a task, whether offline or online, a struggle, especially for the disabled and mentally ill people because people are there to judge online or offline.

People with disabilities often fear being judged or feeling rejected just based on their disability. Most people don’t even try to get to know them or their personalities. It also becomes intimidating to reveal their disabled nature or their mental illness. It is difficult to find people who truly understand and, more importantly, accept and get to know their true selves. Everyone deserves a chance at love, and disability dating sites have increased that chance.