The air purifier market size is quite big globally. Air pollution problems are worldwide, and many cities have above the bearable limit and are suffering for better air. The first step by ordinary people against air pollution is purchasing an air purifier. With that, there is an increase in demand for air purifiers, and it is already a common commodity in certain parts of the world where air quality is terrible. Also, with increasing awareness, people invest in an air purifier for a healthy lifestyle. Health is essential, and so people prioritize it.

The market size is expected to reach USD 22.80 billion by 2028. With the COVID-19 pandemic, where people mostly stayed at home, and for better air, the demand for air purifiers was increased too. Also, due to the pandemic, people started to work from home (WFH), which drove the need for air purifiers. So, besides air purifiers as a solution against air pollution, it also found a way for clean or better air against a deadly virus like COVID-19. It eliminates many contaminants such as pollens, dust, smoke, making the air healthier for consumption.

Besides these events where air purifier demands surge, it has also been part and parcel for some time, especially for the older folks or where children reside, be in homes or schools or hospitals. It has been used by those people having weak immune, asthma, or any airborne allergies. Hence, apart from using an air purifier in polluted cities or areas of the world, it is also used heavily for other purposes. For more information please visit

It is already a common commodity in places like China and India, where many cities top the world’s most polluted cities every year. Millions of people die every year due to dirty air and the subsequent diseases it brings. Now, there is an increased awareness among people about it, and so, people are more conscious now than before and invest in an air purifier. With this trend, the market demand for air purifiers is going to increase evermore.

In many areas that suffer from air pollution, an air purifier is a must-have. It may be used to combat many dangerous traits. It is essential for everyone, however it is especially important for these with weak immune systems or aged folks and children. It is an pressing necessity for them as they’re more susceptible to various diseases. However, the air air purifier is a necessity in many places.


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